• Sports field construction

    Multifunctional sports fields with natural- and artificial turf or synthetic surface, running track construcion

    We have been constructing sports fields in Hungary since 2012 on behalf of the Hungarin Football Association, sports associations and municipalities. The number of our orders is continually growing yearly. In 2017 we have constructed 42 sports fields.

    In order to ensure high-quality work we use special machines for delicate processes. Our laser guided graders set the perfect level of sports fields with the accuracy of maximum 1 cm both for even play-fields and sport-grounds with lateral inclination.


    Our professional team has great experience in processes and technologies of sports field construction which enables smooth work satisfying our clients.

  • References

    The map indicates the sports fields constructed until December 2020. We built mainly sports fields with artificial turf and synthetic surface until 2017. Since than we have mainly constructed play-fields according to FIFA dimensions either with natural - and artificial turf surface.


    Green: 72*111 m natural turf sports field

    Orange: 72*111 m artificial turf sports field

    Red: 22*42 m artificial turf sports field

    Blue: synthetic sports field