with natural-, artificial turf or synthetic surface,
    high-precision earth-work with laser guided earthmovers.

  • Sports field construction, high-precision earth-work, block pavement construction

    Almost 70 earthmovers enable us to meet your expectations

    Natural-, artificial turf and synthetic sports field construction

    We have constructed almost 100 football fields with natural- or artificial turf surface in the last 5 years on behalf of the Hungarian Football Federation and for sports associations. We are glad to contract both for general operations and for subprocesses.

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    Line marking of roads, parking lots, halls and sports fields

    We construct line marking with Graco LineLazer 1000 electric line striper on sports fields with solid surface, parking lots, industrial halls and warehouses.

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    High-precision earth-work

    Our state-of-the-art, dual-slope laser grader constructs earth-work with accuracy of 1 cm in order to save significant amount of time and material for our partners.

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    Earthmover rental

    Our well-maintained earthmovers are rentable for few days or for longer period. Several machines are available by type with attachments on request.

    Demolition of buildings and structures

    We construct professional mechanical demolition work with additional manual work. Demolition debris is disposed on-site or is removed to approved landfill.

    We undertake winter service for roads and pavements of shops, parking lots and industrial properties on basis of framewrok-contract with guaranteed drop off time.