• Traditional and high-precision earthwork, road construction and demolition

    Perfectly even surface with 1 cm accuracy - fast and efficient earthwork

    High-precision earthwork

    Our state-of-the-art, computer and laser guided graders construct earthwork with accuracy of maximum 1 cm on even or dual slope surfaces either.

    Our compact machines offer economic solutions for small construction areas under 10.000 m2. The speed and high quality of our work results in significant savings for our partners.

    Sports field construction

    In order to ensure high-quality work, we put special machines into action for the sensitive processes. We set the perfect surface for sports fields with laser-guided graders according to construction and implementation plans with accuracy of less than 1 cm.


    Our professional team has great experience in processes and technologies of sports field construction which enables smooth work satisfying our clients.

    Traditional earthwork

    We offer earthmovers with personal, fuel and attachment for earthwork of

    residential- and public buildings, industrial halls, public utilities, drainage, foundation-trenches, pools, parks and gardens. 


    We contract for mechanical demolition of buildings, halls, ferroconcrete objects, paved roads, metal structures with additional manual work. Demolition debris is disposed on-site or is removed professionally to approved landfill.

  • Earthwork information and order:

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